Superior Dock Systems, Inc. is a rapidly growing manufacturer of aluminum floating boat docks. Our superior quality docks are in use on a variety of lakes and rivers throughout the Southeastern US, and beyond.

In 1995, Superior Dock Systems introduced aluminum boat docks to Lakes Keowee and Hartwell in South Carolina. Initially, we were a dealer for several aluminum boat dock manufacturers, but, after realizing our “kit dock” and “bolt together” suppliers could not produce the quality our customers demanded, we started producing our own line of aluminum docks in 1998. We quickly established a reputation as the highest quality manufacturer of aluminum docks in the Southeast.

Today, 2007, we are quite pleased and very excited to introduce “The Pinnacle Dock” (patent pending). This is not another aluminum dock; this is the strongest and lowest maintenance dock in the country. Our 9” x 3/16” Cee channel framing member is much stronger than the industry’s 8” lightweight version. All of our extrusions have been designed with a smooth ripple surface pattern for strength and to hide dirt (sharp edges and flat shapes attract and retain dirt). There are numerous changes within the frame that also make it stronger; but, the difference is in the roof.

Most people don’t realize the roof of a dock probably doubles it’s lifetime as it acts like springs and shock absorbers on a car. Rather than flapping with the waves as uncovered docks, the roof picks up the entire dock as the wave undulates through.

Steel and other aluminum docks are made from open shapes like I-beams or C-channel (Cee); these shapes are dramatically weaker than a closed tube shape. Our design offers the strength of an 8” closed tube that also eliminates birds nesting, then dropping all over your boat, furniture and deck.

We fabricate docks in our state-of-the-art facility and weld them together at your lake. Welding eliminates the squeaking that accompanies bolted dock sections. The potential for squeaking increases over time since the stainless steel bolts required by marine applications inevitably enlarge the hole in the softer aluminum frames. For this reason, we do not sell bolt-together or homeowner kits.

In 1999 we introduced Brazilian Ipe hardwood decking to the residential dock industry. Virtually all upscale home builders began to use this durable teak-like material on their decks and screen porches. Dock builders as far away as Alabama followed our lead with at least an option for Ipe. Ipe is the top-of-the-line decking product generically known as “Ironwood.” Since there are more than a dozen species of ironwood, make sure you are getting Ipe, not an inferior species. Unquestionably, Ipe is the best decking product you can buy; it has been time-tested for up to 60 years on most major Atlantic Ocean boardwalks from Miami, FL., to Coney Island, N.Y.

We have been in the dock building industry since 1990 following the purchase of the company of the original steel dock builder on Lake Keowee. When we were planning how we wanted to operate our business, one word consistently came up: “superior” as in superior quality, superior products, superior service, superior manufacturing, superior design and superior purchasing ability. It was not difficult to name the company for everything we stood for: SUPERIOR.

Living up to our name is difficult, but we believe you will find that in both our products and our approach to doing business, we are constantly striving to deliver a superior business relationship to our customers.

We own the most modern 32,000 square-foot plant in the industry on an 8.5 acre site midway between Lake Keowee and Hartwell, just 11.5 miles from Interstate 85. Aluminum is received in one door, where it is cut to specification and welded in specially designed steel jigs to maintain true square and ensure consistently high quality welds before being moved to finishing for decking and accessorizing. The dock exits the opposite side of our building. Overhead cranes ensure we can finish six docks simultaneously.

Our production requires that we import 53’ container-load quantities of Ipe direct from Brazil, flatbed trailer loads of aluminum direct from the extruders, roof material direct from the converter, floats direct from the manufacturer, boat lifts direct from the manufacturer, and full pallet quantities of ladders, accessories and hardware from nearby distributors. As a result we enjoy significant volume discounts. We also pay our vendors promptly, taking every offered payment term, and pass the savings directly along to you. We offer you a better value with a cleaner, stronger, more aesthetically pleasing boat dock at a competitive price.

In response to accelerating customer demand, we are expanding our dealer/installer network throughout the Southeast. To guarantee our delivery commitments, we are in the midst of planning our next manufacturing expansion as well.

If you want superior, maintenance-free products for your lakefront property, you should consider Superior Dock Systems, Inc. for all your aluminum boat dock needs and for boat lifts, PWC lifts, and boat dock accessories.